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On Tuesday, 31 May, in Saint Mary Major in connection with international shrines

The Holy Father leads a Rosary for peace

 The Holy Father leads a Rosary for peace  ING-021
27 May 2022

In a statement on Ascension Thursday, 26 May, the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization announced that the Holy Father will lead a Rosary for Peace in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major on Tuesday, 31 May. As the Marian month draws to an end the Pope wished to give a sign of hope. “At the conclusion of the Marian month, Pope Francis wishes to offer a sign of hope to the world, suffering from the conflict in Ukraine and deeply wounded by the violence of the many wars still active,” the statement explained.

The Pope will pray the Rosary before the statue of Mary Regina Pacis and lay a wreath of flowers at the feet of the image, before addressing his prayer to Our Lady and leaving his particular intention.

A Ukrainian family, people related to war victims, and a group of military chaplains with their respective corps were invited to pray the decades of the Rosary as a sign of closeness to those most involved in the dynamics of these tragic events.

“All the faithful in every part of the world are invited to support Pope Francis in his prayer to the Queen of Peace”, the statement encouraged.