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Marie Rivier

 Marie Rivier  ING-020
20 May 2022
Marie Rivier was born in Montpezat, France, on 19 December 1768. When she was 16 months old, a fall left her partially paralysed. Her mother would take her to a nearby chapel every morning to ask Our Lady of Mercy for healing. Young Marie quickly solidified her conviction that the Virgin Mary would grant her request. Every day, she would repeat the same prayer: “Holy Virgin, heal me and I will bring you little girls. I will teach them and tell them to love you well”. She was healed on 15 August, 1777. Remembering her promise, she decided to dedicate herself to educating children. In 1785, Marie asked to join the sisters of Notre Dame in Pradelles, but was rejected because of her poor health. She decided to open her own convent. In 1786, when she was 18 years old, Marie was granted permission to open a school in Montpezat. She proved to ...

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