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César de Bus

 César  de Bus  ING-020
20 May 2022
César de Bus was born on 3 February 1544 in Cavaillon, France, into a noble and profoundly Christian family. He had a carefree lifestyle for the first 30 years of his life, as any young noble in that period. De Bus even wrote songs and plays. In 1575, César experienced a moment of complete conversion. Leaving behind his carefree social life, he enrolled in school in Avignon, where Jesuit priest Pietro Pèquet became his spiritual advisor. César’s desire to become a priest was quickly rekindled. After eight months of studying at the Jesuit college, he returned to Cavaillon, dedicating himself to prayer and spiritually ministering to the poor and those afflicted by the plague. He was ordained a priest in 1582, and immediately set out on his mission to proclaim the Word of God, with two important guiding points: ...

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