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Bergoglio and old age

 Bergoglio and old age  ING-019
13 May 2022
For weeks now, Pope Bergoglio has been dedicating his Wednesday catecheses to the theme of old age. I am reminded of his ideas on the matter, as expressed ten years ago in an episode of the television programme, “Biblia diálogo vigente”, entirely dedicated to the theme of old age, which saw the participation of the then Cardinal, Jorge Bergoglio, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and myself. In the introduction to the book that contains the 31 episodes of the programme, I reported the following: In 2008, as I was walking in “La Montonera” park, in Pilar, Buenos Aires province, I had one of many friendly conversations with Cardinal Bergoglio, which I now recall and re-evaluate and that I greatly miss. The then Cardinal told me that he visited retirement homes for the elderly and for priests. With precision, he recalled names, last names and ...

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