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Peace is not a ghost

 Peace  is not a ghost  ING-016
22 April 2022
“Please, let us not get used to war”. With his usual grace, the Pope calls us back to the essential, to those minimum requirements which constitute that which we call “human being”. It seems that man is incapable of resisting the temptation of war. This “stubborn” humanity, the Pope said on his return flight from Malta, seems to be in love with war and always ends up falling into its “patterns”. French writer Albert Camus said that man is “he who refrains”, who breaks patterns, who overcomes the temptation of habit or, worse, of habituation. In the Urbi et Orbi message delivered on Easter Sunday, Francis cautions against the insidious risk posed by the fact that human beings can get used to anything, even war. That’s the way man is, a creature of habit: he does things because he repeats them, and with time, he starts to repeat them ...

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