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A gesture of courage
and peace

 Un gesto  di coraggio e di pace  DCM-005
30 April 2022

A nun is kneeling in front of the military. She invokes pity, begs them to spare the young people who are demonstrating and offers herself in their place. This gesture is not only one of courage and faith for it is a gesture of peace, which has reminded many of what Maximilian Kolbe did in the Auschwitz extermination camps.

This is why we chose the famous image of Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng, tweeted by @CardinalMaungBo, for the cover of this tenth anniversary issue of Women Church World, now that another war is raging involving cities, men, and hopes. With her, we intend to represent all religious women on the front line. Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng  is against war, against poverty, ignorance and discrimination, and oppression; instead, today, as she has always been, she stands for dignity and freedom. Sister Ann Rose is a religious and nurse from the Burmese congregation of St Francis Xavier. For that heartfelt gesture, she received two stones to the chest. That photo, and the one shown here, were taken in front of the clinic where she works in Myitkyina, capital of Kachin State, and dated February 28, 2021.  (WCW)