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Letter from Ukraine

25 March 2022
Here are excerpts from Yuriy Pidlisnyi’s letter to the Pope, read at the beginning of the audience by Monsignor Guy-Réal Thivierge, Secretary General of the Foundation. Thank you very much, Holy Father, for your prayers for Ukraine and for your visit to the Embassy of Russia to the Holy See, for the sake of peace. In these terrible days of war, looking at the hundreds of dead and thousands of wounded civilians, the dozens and hundreds of kindergartens, schools, children’s hospitals and shelters destroyed and damaged, we can look into the eyes of these children and remember the words of Jesus Christ. “Lord, when have we ever seen you hungry or thirsty or stranger or naked or sick or in prison and not cared for you? (....) Whenever you have not done these things to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you have not done them ...

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