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Holy Mass in a bunker

 Holy Mass in a bunker  ING-011
18 March 2022
The appointment for the interview is at 9.00 p.m. Italian time. It is better to see each other on Skype, it’s safer, as you can avoid the risk of being intercepted and becoming a target for snipers or some “smart” bomb. And then we can look each other straight in the eye, so as not to hide any emotion. We are not alone in the virtual chat. From a stairwell in Kyiv, while the bombing goes on outside, a friend of his joins in too. Fr Maxim is a Salesian who did not escape, despite the corpses in the streets, the buildings collapsing like melted butter and almost nothing to eat. “Sorry I’m late but I was talking to some visitors. I have just said goodbye to them”, the priest says, in almost perfect Italian. Occupants of a bunker, in time of war: such a glimpse of everyday life, in this part of the world, seems almost surreal. Luckily Don ...

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