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Expressing the Pope’s closeness

Ukrainian refugees grateful for assistance

 Ukrainian refugees grateful for assistance  ING-010
11 March 2022
Solidarity travels along the roads threatened by bombs, where carrying boxes of food and packages of medicine can be a one-way journey. This solidarity is sustained by the heart of Pope Francis, who has decided — in an area as large as Ukraine, where fuel already costs a small fortune — to contribute to the expenses of the large vehicles that push on, laden with aid, to where a truck risks running into a tank. News of the Pope’s initiative arrives from the area around Lviv, where the extension of the Pope’s closeness, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, arrived on Tuesday, 8 March, after a brief stop in Poland, amidst a continually growing ocean of refugees. Having crossed the border into Ukraine, the Papal Almoner spoke with Vatican media about the impressive effort being made in the relative security of Lviv to reach those who are still in the ...

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