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Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you how much you pollute

 Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you how much you pollute  ING-010
11 March 2022
Musanobu Fukuoka wrote that when we change the way we grow our food, we change our food, we change society, we change our values. Today the era of re-evaluating things in the light of previous foreboding is here, therefore, according to Fukuoka, a greater effort should be made to return to the source, that is, to agriculture that is not only sustainable, but authentically natural, produced by good rural farmers: for example by using wood ash and other organic waste for small market gardens, but also for the rice crop, sometimes invaded by spiders. It is amazing how wood ash impedes, without polluting, the spiders that damage the paddy fields all over the world, and is more effective than harmful chemicals. In Glasgow, even before the G20 on climate change, it was clearly stated, albeit with modest results, that in several sectors ...

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