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In Ukraine, women are examples of hope, strength, love

 In Ukraine, women are examples of   hope, strength, love  ING-010
11 March 2022
International Women’s Day 2022 occurs in the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of women have been forced to flee their homes. This year’s International Women’s Day cannot fail to recognize the courage, strength, and ordeal endured in Ukraine, where women are forced to leave their homes to protect their children. These are women who pray. Women who decide to stand by their husbands to resist the advancing tanks and exploding rockets. Women breastfeeding in the rubble and under mortar fire; women taking part in rescue efforts, preparing food, giving birth to life, to new hope, waiting hours at the borders. Women driving cars and trucks, because the country is under attack. Women on the march with the few things they have been able to gather, in the cold and snow. Women who lose their lives, who are raped; ...

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