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Who does God want to be Saved?

 Who does God want to be Saved?  ING-008
25 February 2022
Several years ago, an infamous criminal on Florida’s death row requests to begin meeting with me pastorally. I am almost paralyzed at the thought. Surely, this requires someone with much more training, much more experience, much more something, much more everything. Surely, God would not ask me to see a man pastorally when just the thought of his crimes, just the thought of holding his hands in prayer, those very same hands that did those unspeakable things to peoples’ loved ones, moves me to a nauseating horror and revulsion. All the crimes represented by death row are horrible. All the crimes are revolting. But these particular crimes were the stuff of my worst nightmares. Surely, I was not the guy to do this. I sought out spiritual counseling for me from a priest in the diocese. My deepest hope was that the elderly priest would see ...

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