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‘Artificial intelligence’ versus human intelligence?

 ‘Artificial intelligence’ versus human intelligence?   ING-006
10 February 2022
Sophia is perhaps the best-known artificial intelligence platform in the world. Its advanced machine learning system, “incorporated” and supported by a humanoid robot with the apparent features of the actress Audrey Hepburn, is able to interact cognitively and even emotionally with us. Numerous trials have been done over the years, [as well as] television interviews, and conferences at the United Nations, The parliament of Saudi Arabia even conferred honorary citizenship to “her”1. In the juridical and ethical sphere, personal status could be attributed to a non-human entity if this itself gave proof of the capabilities that we commonly or legally have chosen for a human person to possess and manifest. Among all these skills, there is one that has “motivated” the American computational scientist John McCarthy since 1956: to define the ...

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