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The Word and listening

 The Word and listening  ING-004
28 January 2022
As in the past years, the Message for World Day of Social Communications, which was published on Monday, 24 January, is a text rich in points of reflection that deserve further expansion and in depth study, starting from the theme that is its focus: listen, to which this newspaper will dedicate special attention as “word of the year” for 2022. Suffice it to think of the Synodal Process alone which the Pope announced in October and which the universal Church is experiencing in its first phase that is fundamentally based precisely on the dimension of listening. After the theme “Come and See” of 2021 and the “Telling” of 2020, the Pope decided “to draw attention to another word, ‘listen’ , which is decisive in the grammar of communication and a condition for genuine dialogue”. Hence the title: “Listening with the ear of the heart”. It is ...

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