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In the Holy Father’s words on the city of Rome a “route” for the new year

The Lights in the fog

07 January 2022
Fog fell over Rome. On the evening of Saint Sylvester, all night and into the early morning hours of the first day of the year, fog enveloped the Eternal City’s streets, squares and buildings. A strange sensation for Romans unaccustomed to this Nordic atmosphere. The traditional fireworks that greet the arrival of the new year were affected by this unique climate situation. Perched above, even on rooftops, we were immersed in this sea of fog and “cracked” by the sudden explosive and colourful lights of the fireworks that ushered in the new year. Lights in the fog, thundering, glimmering and ripping through the blanketing silence that always accompanies this mild and eerie atmospheric phenomenon. A strange, peculiar New Year. One could reflect on the purely physical fact and ponder whether this episode was also part of the climatic ...

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