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World Braille Day

Sr Veronica, ‘Where my sight cannot reach, my other senses can’

 Sr Veronica, ‘Where my sight cannot reach, my other senses can’  ING-001
07 January 2022
On World Braille Day, marked on Tuesday, 4 January, Sr Veronica shared her story as a visually-impaired religious sister from Kenya, and described how every challenge should be accepted as a portion of Christ’s cross to be bourne in service to others. As World Braille Day reminds us of the importance of accessibility and independence for people who are blind or visually-impaired, Sr Veronica shares her story as a religious sister from Kenya who became visually impaired in her early teenage years. “It all depends on the way one accepts themselves. God never does anything to cause anyone harm. I used to ask myself why I cannot see when my brothers and sisters all can? The way I accept myself, and the way I present myself, that is how others will either accept or reject me”. Sister Veronica lives in Kenya, in a community with three ...

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