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Published text will enter into force on 1 January 2022

The new liturgical rite for instituting catechists

 The new liturgical rite for instituting catechists  ING-051
17 December 2021
“Accipe hoc fídei nostræ signum, cáthedram veritátis et caritátis Christi, eúmque vita, móribus et verbo annúntia” (“Receive this sign of our faith, cathedra of the truth and love of Christ, and proclaim it with your life, your conduct and your word”). Beginning on 1 January 2022, this will be one of the Latin formulas with which laymen and laywomen “of profound faith and human maturity” will be instituted as catechists by their bishop during a liturgical celebration. After formally instituting the ministry of the catechist with the Motu Proprio Antiquum Ministerium, Pope Francis has approved and published an Editio typica [typical edition] that introduces a specific Rite of Institution of Catechists. This is the base text that will then be translated and adapted by the various ...

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