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A “building site” for peace in the Mediterranean

 A “building site” for peace in the Mediterranean  ING-050
10 December 2021
A string of neon lights in the shape of Lebanon’s cedar tree points the way towards the Maronite neighbourhood of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The iron gate in front of the entrance to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace is wide open, with its elegant façade entirely spruced up to welcome the Pope. In the nearby Lebanese café, there is an enormous wall filled with images, and in the shop front, a photograph of the Pontiff with a greeting in Arabic, stands out. Sitting at a table close to the desserts display sits an elderly, excited man, having a snack. “We are very happy of Francis’ arrival. This way, at least, the world will notice that we exist”, he says, as he comments on the Pope’s photograph and places another one on the counter. A small crowd of people has gathered in front of the shop front, where an old ...

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