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“Welcome Baba Francesco”

(FILES) In this file photo taken on February 1, 2021, asylum seekers staying at the Pournara ...
03 December 2021
Together with bishops and authorities, a little and poor Franciscan friar will be welcoming Pope Francis in Cyprus. He is Fr John Luke Gregory, parish priest of Rhodes and Kos: an entire life dedicated to rescue and help migrants and refugees. We have asked Fr John Luke to comment the Pope’s visit in Greece. “It comes as no surprise at all that Pope Francesco is returning to Greece. He is a man not only of his word but of concrete action. In 2013 he said he wanted “a poor Church for the Poor”. This desire has been confirmed throughout his pastoral service and mission to the universal Church, well evident in his outreach to the poorest of the poor and the socially marginalized, migrants and refugees, whom he states very clearly, often live in dreadful conditions and dire situations. In fact, Laudato Si’ n. 25 underlines that the ...

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