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At the General Audience

To love means to choose life’s responsibilities

 To love means to choose life’s responsibilities  ING-049
03 December 2021
After the General Audience, on Wednesday, 1 December, Pope Francis recalled World aids Day and asked Christians to accompany him with prayers during his Apostolic Journey to Cyprus and Greece. The following is a translation of his words. Today is World AIDS day. It is an important occasion to remember the many people who are affected by this virus. For many of them, in some areas of the world, access to the necessary treatment is not available. My hope is that there might be a renewed commitment in solidarity to guarantee fair and effective health care. Tomorrow I will go to Cyprus and then to Greece to visit the dear populations of these countries that are rich in history, spirituality and civilization. It will be a journey to the sources of apostolic faith and of fraternity among Christians of various confessions. I will also have ...

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