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Unleashing freedom

 Unleashing freedom  ING-048
26 November 2021
On 10 November, Pope Francis completed a series of 15 Catecheses dedicated to the commentary on the Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians, which he began on 23 June, focussing on some fundamental themes including that of freedom, true Christian freedom. In fact, in this Letter the Apostle affirms that we are all “called to freedom” and addresses the important theme of the relationship between the Law and the Spirit, inviting his disciples to pass from the love of the law to the law of love. This is a theme that is very dear to Pope Francis who wished to strongly re-affirm that the novelty of the Gospel of Christ has been, and is, the bearer of a process of liberation, personal and social, as paradoxical as it is authentic, which allows every person who embraces it to live in joy and fullness. This message is extremely topical today, both ...

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