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Stories of pain and new life

 Stories of pain and new life  ING-047
19 November 2021
In the banlieues of Paris Carrying their daughter Celeste in their arms, Florence and Thibault Jarry retraced their personal journey which led them to donate themselves to the Lord and to poor people. “Six years ago, we had not yet met. We had left for a year of mission with the Misericordia Association in Chile, in a neighbourhood in the northern part of Santiago”, they explained. The mission established by the French Brazilian couple Roman and Renate de Chateauvieux, the couple told the Pontiff, was the “fruit of his words” expressed at his first Angelus on 17 March 2013: mercy “changes the world” and it makes it “less cold and more just”. With “social projects of compassion and evangelization” as its vocation, the work is “at the service of the Church in the peripheries of the world’s biggest capital cities”, they added. On their ...

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