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Interview with Fr Federico Lombardi on his new book

Communications at the service of goodness, truth and beauty

 Communications at the service of goodness, truth and beauty  ING-046
12 November 2021
In an interview with Vatican News, Father Federico Lombardi sj , former director of Vatican Radio, Vatican TV, and of the Holy See Press Office, speaks about his new book, “Popes, Vatican and Communications” and reflects on his wish to write and give witness in a spirit of service through decades of experience under three Popes. You have had a long career in the field of communications and there are many things you could have written about. With what criteria have you chosen the writings gathered in this book entitled “Popes, Vatican and Communications”? I tried to give a witness of a spirit of service in communications. This is the criterion because I tried to be at the service of the Pope as a servant of the Church and of the People of God and of humankind. I have also tried to adapt myself to the different styles of communication ...

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