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The thoughts and words of two female theologians

06 November 2021

“I wanted to write about the Trinity - sometimes also called the Threeunity - just to say that it is possible to live in another way”, Antonietta Potente emphasizes in the introduction to her Scrutare il mistero. Riflettendo sulla Trinità [Peering into the Mystery. Reflecting on the Trinity], published by the Paulines. A small text, also in terms of its physical size, which has a “circular writing, where themes and concepts come and go”, that “imitates the Trinitarian movement but also life in spite of its disorderly movement”. Seven chapters, 94 pages, to reflect together with the nun of the Dominican Order of St Thomas Aquinas, theologian-teacher-writer, who lived in Bolivia for almost twenty years.  “That land-she says-has taught me many things”.

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Giovanni della Croce. La festa dello spirito [John of the Cross. The Feast of the Spirit] is a book, published by Lindau, written by Sister Cristiana Dobner, Discalced Carmelite in Concenedo di Barzio (Lecco), scholar of Edith Stein, Etty Hillesum, Adrienne Von Speyr, refined translator, and theologian. John of the Cross was a poet, theologian, a saint since 1726, Doctor of the Church since 1926. The great Spanish Carmelite stands out in the history of mysticism. The author celebrates him, retracing his biography and thought, through the analysis of his last poem Fiamma d'Amor viva [Living Flame of Love], composed shortly before his death in 1591. (DCM )