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The global saint and the young blessed

 La santa globale e la giovane beata  DCM-010
06 November 2021

The photos on this month’s cover depict two women who have risen to the glory of the altars in the last eight years, since Francis became Pope. The first is the global saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The second is Sandra Sabattini, a young Italian woman who has just been beatified. Both are portrayed in the normality of their lives. Although the first image bears witness to the drama of war, it is their quiet gaze that they share. At the moment, the photograph was taken, both women are busy doing what they have to do. Teresa, in the AFP photo by Dominique Faget, is in Beirut on 14 August 1982. In the midst of the fighting, the nun saves a group of sick and disabled of children from an orphanage, abandoned by the fleeing staff. She carries one of them in her arms; that is her mission. Her face expresses compassion. The photo of Sandra was taken by Riccardo Ghinelli on 1 May 1980, during a demonstration for the rights of disabled people.  On her arm the girl carries a packet of newspapers to spread, that is her task. Her shy smile expresses her participation. (DCM)