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The commitment of young Pakistani Dominicans

Builders of Communities

 Builders of Communities  ING-044
29 October 2021
The message of love and salvation given by Jesus Christ travels through Pakistan thanks to the “preacher brothers”: there are many young Dominicans who in the “land of the pure” today feel the desire to share their faith and to bring, as baptized people, a message of hope above all to the poorest, the vulnerable, the marginalized. Missionaries of compassion in a mostly Islamic nation, they express their faith above all with the witness of life, with love toward neighbour, but also in promoting dialogue and welcome to people of every faith, culture and ethnicity. Young Pakistani Dominicans have a solid reference in their work: that of Italian missionary Fr Aldino Amato who, in his almost 60 years of pastoral ministry in Pakistan, built six churches, three schools and hostels, two centres of formation for the blind, two villages for ...

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