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We are not condemned to exclusion and inequality

Colombian Embera indigenous are seen in a makeshift shelter at National park in Bogota, on October ...
22 October 2021

Pope Francis sent a strong message of hope to participants in the Fourth World Meeting of Popular Movements on Saturday, 16 October, highlighting that we are not condemned to live in a world “where the culture of privilege is an invisible and unstoppable power; and where exploitation and abuse are customary methods of survival”. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude for the message of hope they offer to the world. The Holy Father described them as “social poets” and thanked them for their dedication to proclaim hope, and for knowing “how to show the face of true humanity, the humanity that is not built by turning your back on the suffering”. In his message, the Pope also listed a series of requests to powerful nations, asking among other things, the cancellation of debts owed by poorer nations, a halt to arms production and access to vaccines for all.

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