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The wedding ring as a sign of hope

24 September 2021
On Wednesday morning, 22 September, Pary Gul, offered Pope Francis her wedding ring as a reminder of her husband who is missing following the Taliban takeover, and an item of clothing that belonged to him and “tells the story of a life of suffering”. Before the General Audience in the Paul vi Hall, the Holy Father accepted the ring on one condition: that Pary Gul keep it as a token of friendship and a sign of hope. The woman’s hope could be seen in the eyes of her three daughters — Adila, Robina and Setara — and those of her son Nasim. They are between 14 and 24 years old, Her daughters’ sos messages sent via their smartphones led to setting up their incredible flight from Kabul. They were taken to the Bergamasco area of northern Italy where they will be able to begin their new lives, thanks to a network of solidarity, coordinated by ...

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