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The voices of the victims of sexual abuse

 The voices of the victims of  sexual abuse  ING-039
24 September 2021
Ewa Kusz, a member of the organizing committee for the regional conference on the protection of minors for Central and Eastern Europe taking place in Warsaw, gathers the voices of people who have been abused by priests. What do those who have been wounded within the Church say? What do they expect from the Church, from “Church people”? To give one single response is difficult because each abuse victim is different. Each one of them has a different life story both before and after the trauma. Some of them speak immediately, others, after a few years or even many years later. Some have met others who have helped them along the way, while others have remained completely alone in their suffering. Those who have been wounded are speaking. Some demand their right to speak and be heard at the top of their lungs. Others speak about it timidly ...

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