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An interview with Cardinal Prefect Luis Antonio G. Tagle

Propaganda Fide, every day to the ends of the earth

 Propaganda Fide, every day to the ends of the earth  ING-039
24 September 2021
It has a soul as ancient as the Gospel, a four-centuries long ecclesial history, and the timeless mandate to reach what Pope Francis loves to call the human and existential “peripheries”. The horizon of action of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples coincides with the world, where the Ad Gentes mission requires vocations, workers, intelligence, structures. A job with big “numbers”, sustained by a budget of 25 million euros (official 2021 figure), the Dicastery led by Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, who explains its workings, projects and objectives in detail, is widespread and complex: The Conciliar Decree “Ad Gentes” states that the “Church is missionary by her very nature”, and that the work of evangelizing is a “a basic duty of the People of God”. What kind of responsibility and commitment derive from it for the ...

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