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Love has the power to transform everything, even pain

 Love has the power to transform everything, even pain  ING-039
24 September 2021
Pope Francis’ journey/pilgrimage, which began with his participation in the conclusion of the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, ended in Slovakia with Mass celebrated before more than 60 million faithful at the national Shrine in Šaštín, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Sorrow, along with its opposite, joy, was indeed one of the recurring themes in the Holy Father’s words in his last addresses and homilies. Previously, in Tuesday afternoon’s meeting/dialogue with 25,000 joyful young people in the stadium in Košice, in response to a question, the Pope had pronounced a very firm affirmation on the topic: “We cannot embrace the cross all by ourselves; pain, in and of itself, saves no one. It is love that transforms pain. So let us embrace the cross, always with Jesus and never alone! When we embrace Jesus, joy is ...

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