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Stories of resilient women

04 September 2021

“Vi regalo un po' della mia forza. Ritratti femminili del’900” [I Give You Some of My Strength. Female Portraits of the 1900s], which Sister Anna Maria Vissani wrote for Prospettiva Editrice, consigns to memory a series of voices of women who were able to transform what was negative into positive. Vissani, Adorer of the Blood of Christ, theologian, graphologist and counselor, lives in the Marche region and runs the spirituality center Sul Monte.  She is the author of other books on women’s issues. Among these, “Diventare donna... che fatica” [Becoming a Woman ... What a Struggle], published by Kairos, written together with Emilia Salvi and Patrizia Pasquini. The human-spiritual journey of some separated women who tell their stories is the focus of “Ferite feritorie” [Wounds as Openings] signed with Alessandra Maria Honorati, with the collaboration of Cristina Corsini, publisher Dottrinari.