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Front Cover

A graphic novel
for a modern woman

04 September 2021

The front cover features an image from the graphic novel on the life of Armida Barelli, co-founder with Father Agostino Gemelli of the Sacred Heart Catholic University. The new media, as well as the comic strips of the graphic novel in the style of Toulouse-Lautrec, graffiti and murals introduce an immediate language that attracts the gaze of the new generations attentive to the processes of modernization of society and the Church. The modernity of the founder of the National Girls Youth of Catholic Action is reflected in the graphics of the comic strips in the volume edited by Tiziana Ferrario and illustrated by Giancarlo Ascari and Pia Valentinis. The iconic figures, reduced to a minimum, isolated but individualized, almost-frontal and uniformly lit, are characterized by a very strong contrast of colors. Father Gemelli is represented in grey and Armida Barelli the protagonist in a luminous light red, as if to underline the reciprocity between the two sexes and the complementarity between faith and reason. 

by Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten