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Children, walls and airplanes

TOPSHOT - This image made available to AFP on August 20, 2021 by Omar Haidiri, shows a US Marine ...
03 September 2021
On the front page of the 27th August English edition, we published Fr Luigi Maria Epicoco’s reflection on the images coming out of Afghanistan, those that have touched the entire world (at least this is the hope): mothers and fathers entrusting their little children to soldiers and “tossing” them over the wall, abandoning them and in so doing, with unspeakable pain, saving them. We also published one of these photographs: a father raising his arm with his son in hand, passing him like a basket of food, like a gift being given, like a witness, to a perfect stranger, fully equipped with threatening and deadly weapons. Last week, a news story showed what seemed to be the negative of those photos: a pregnant Afghan woman who managed to climb aboard one of these airplanes of salvation, and was hit with labour pains during the flight. The ...

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