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The abandoned people of Afghanistan

An Afghan child walks near military uniforms as he with elders wait to leave the Kabul airport in ...
20 August 2021
To be born in August in Kabul does not seem to be a true appointment with life; it does not seem to be a true bet on the future, but, even in these hours, in the very middle of a society falling to pieces, there is no lack of volunteer doctors who help women in childbirth. This is the case of Anees, the daughter of a woman who does not want her name to be known. Well over a week ago, the Red Cross helped her deliver the little one and to flee the city, in order to reach her husband on the border with Pakistan. Perhaps she will have managed to save herself and her little daughter. It is incredible how, amid the terror of these hours in Afghanistan, there is no shortage of the wonder of arriving life. Of course it is not easy to find official news; it is not easy to manage to speak with someone on-site via the sometimes precarious ...

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