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The task of journalism (and that of politics)

Reporting is not enough

20 August 2021
In his 12 August letter to Maurizio Maggiani, the Pope not only responded to a journalist on a precise (however large) question, but with his reflection he pointed to a path for all workers who use, as he says in the letter, “the pen or the computer keyboard”. These tools, the Pope writes, that offer journalists and all communication workers the opportunity “to denounce, to write even uncomfortable things in order to shake from indifference, to stir consciences, shaking them so they do not let themselves be anaesthetized by what does not interest me, is none of my business, what can I do about it if the world goes this way? To give voice to the voiceless and raise a voice in favour of those who are silenced”. If there is a task that this newspaper considers central, it is precisely to try to put “giving voice to the voiceless” above all ...

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