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Interview with director Carlo Verdone

Lessons of my father and my children

 Lessons of my father and my children  ING-034
20 August 2021
To talk about fatherhood with Carlo Verdone, it seems natural to start with the figure of the Holy Father, especially because the recent meeting between the Roman film director and Francis struck a deep chord in the imagination of the former, who doesn’t hesitate to emphasize that it was as if he were caught off guard by the Pope: “yes, because with respect to how I remembered or imagined the figures of the Pontiffs, who for me were people “you went to”, in this case instead, it seem to me that he is the Pope who goes to meet people, and that hit me. Just as I was nearly floored by his simplicity as a person, but simplicity “so to speak” because on the one hand he seems like a person like others, who you could meet at a café, really pleasant, really concerned about his guests, I would say really human; on the other hand though, ...

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