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Ethiopia held hostage to terror

A woman reacts as she sits at a camp for Ethiopian refugees of the Qemant ethnic group in the ...
13 August 2021
The crisis and never-ending conflict in Ethiopia are dramatically intensifying the humanitarian emergency and the vulnerability of the people of Tigray. Increasingly shocking news of violence against women and children is being reported from the region, sparking dismay and indignation. The alarm has been sounded both by Amnesty International and unicef . At the same time, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has issued a call to arms “to all capable Ethiopians who are of age”, to take up the fight against Ti-gray-an forces. Fear is setting in of a dangerous drift not only in the troubled region, but also in areas to which the conflict has recently expanded. Ethiopian and Eritrean troops are believed to have raped hundreds of women and girls in Tigray region, devastated by the conflict that has been ongoing since 2020, forcing some ...

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