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Pope Francis for Africa Foundation established in Kinshasa

Sister Rita and ‘the least’

 Sister Rita and    ‘the least’  ING-032
06 August 2021
To look at them, some are little more than children. Eleven or twelve at the most. The oldest are 17. Many of them — two out of six, the statistics say — are already mothers or at least married because they were given in early marriage by their families in order to earn some money from the dowry. Their eyes look sad under those braids and pigtails that keep their frizzy hair in order, but they light up in front of new activities and projects proposed to them by the “Pope Francis for Africa” Foundation, an organization recently established and blessed by the Pontiff, which aims to promote the Pope’s magisterium through initiatives of solidarity and integral promotion of vulnerable people, in particular the empowerment of women, children and young people. There is no difference in regard to age, ethnicity or religion: everyone is welcome ...

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