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For the rights of the poor

Displaced people struggle for food packets distributed at a relief camp in Nagapattinam some 350 kmS ...
06 August 2021
The rights of the poor must be fully included in the agenda of national leaders, in order to ensure the participation of producers and consumers — women in particular — in policymaking and implementation at the local levels. This was the appeal launched by Caritas Internationalis for the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit. In a communique’ released in view of the Pre-Summit, the confederation of the Catholic charitable organizations of 160 countries expressed the hope that the meeting in Rome would not be a missed opportunity but would instead contribute to ensure “a durable transformation of food systems”, more necessary now that the pandemic has aggravated pre-existing inequalities in access to food. Starting from the conviction that it is a basic human right, Caritas Internationalis explained that food security cannot be ensured, and food ...

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