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The fight against forced marriages

 The fight against forced marriages  ING-030
23 July 2021
Sister Louise Cleary, President of the Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (acrath) in Australia lives in the state of Victoria. She is a Brigidine Sister (Sisters of St Brigid founded in Ireland in 1807) and a member of the Victorian Community in Australia. This is her testimony. Over the years my work has been predominantly in education at all levels, significantly working in areas of disadvantage. These experiences have educated me and given me a passion for addressing injustice. My work against human trafficking began in 2001 when I met young women in the detention centre who had been trafficked into Australia into prostitution. acrath was established in 2005 and has worked since that time to educate about, and address, the changing dimensions of human trafficking and modern slavery: sham marriages, domestic ...

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