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The Pontifical Gregorian University

Synced to the heart of the Church

 Synced to the heart  of the Church   ING-030
23 July 2021
Since its inception the Pontifical Gregorian University, direct continuation of the Roman College, was recognised as Universitas omnium gentium, a designation that connotes the vast horizons inherent in the academic institution and in the missionary nature of the Catholic Church (‘universal’). However, this is neither a mere primacy nor an ante litteram globalising workshop. Indeed, the past is at the fruitful service of the present and of the future. In its unceasing contemplation of Revelation manifested in the evolving epochs and cultures, the Gregoriana has developed its distinctive path to become a place for high ecclesial formation, even through the storms of history. In a dynamic of peripheral and central systolic and diastolic motion, the pulsating heart of its life beats in sync with the heart of the Church. This cultural and ...

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