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Dear Dad, I am writing to you from my heart

 Dear Dad, I am writing to you from my heart  ING-030
23 July 2021
Massimo is a good man. One of those you immediately say on sight: “he is a good man”. But he gets annoyed if you say so. Naturally, he is a father. I don’t know how he was as a young man, but I’m ready to bet that as a teenager he had already developed that mixture of authority and tenderness that is the icon of the father figure. Like every good father, he bears the seal of justice: both practised and transmitted. Massimo is married to Anna, a meek woman with a bright face. They have three children, two girls and a boy, Giovanni. Giovanni is the image of his father: they resemble each other physically but above all in character, the same imprinting. And when father and son are alike there are always some stormy moments. Those who are different tend to complement each other, those alike to compete. However, minor clashes are the order of ...

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