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Comboni missionaries in Butembo

To serve the people in the name of Jesus

 To serve the people in the name of Jesus   ING-029
16 July 2021
“Violence in North Kivu is on the rise and our mission in Butembo is being targeted by groups of demonstrators, who increasingly challenge the presence of UN troops in the region. We are afraid we may be attacked from one moment to the next. We are worried because this is a “piece-meal” war, which kills thousands of people and is almost ignored by the media and the Institutions that should raise their voice much more. But we are still here; we stay and live with the people whom we have been sent to serve, in the Name of Jesus”. These words, full of anxiety but also of strong, indomitable faith, were uttered by Portuguese Father Claudino Gomes. He is a Comboni missionary in the tormented city in the north-east Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who is carrying out his apostolate in serious conditions of social instability, where ...

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