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Prayer before the recitation of the Rosary

For all of humanity sorely tried by the pandemic

 For all of humanity sorely tried by the pandemic  ING-019
07 May 2021

On Saturday afternoon, 1 May, Pope Francis presided at the recitation of the Rosary in the Vatican Basilica, launching the prayer “marathon” that will continue throughout the Marian month of May to ask for the end of the pandemic. The following is a translation of the Holy Father’s words before the Rosary.

At the beginning of the month dedicated to Our Lady, we unite in prayer with all the shrines across the world, with the faithful and all people of good will, to entrust into the hands of our Holy Mother all of humanity, sorely tried by this period of pandemic.

Each day of this month of May we will entrust to You, Mother of Mercy, the many people who have been touched by the virus and continue to suffer its consequences: from our deceased brothers and sisters to the families who are living the pain and uncertainty of tomorrow; from the sick to the doctors, scientists, nurses who are engaged on the front lines of this battle; from the volunteers to all the professionals who have rendered their precious service in favour of others; from the people in mourning and pain to those who, with a simple smile and a kind word, have brought comfort to those in need; from those — especially women — who have suffered violence within the walls of their homes due to forced closure, to those who wish to enthusiastically resume the rhythms of daily life. Mother of Relief, welcome us under your mantle and protect us, sustain us in the hour of trial and enkindle in our hearts the light of hope for the future.