Pope releases mandate for parish priests

Become missionaries of synodality

 Become missionaries of synodality  ING-019
10 May 2024

On Wednesday, 8 May, Pope Francis released a mandate to parish priests who had recently participated in an international meeting in Rome with the theme, “Parish Priests for the Synod”. The Holy Father urged them to become missionaries of synodality with their fellow parish priests at home, “inspiring reflection on the renewal of the ministry of the parish priest in a synodal and missionary light”. The following is a translation of the Mandate.

I have something to ask of you, who have come here representing parish priests the world over: we need your help to continue to listen to the voice of parish priests in view of the Second Session of the Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. This meeting has been very important, but it is not enough: we must do more if we want to make a larger number of parish priests enter into the synodal dynamism. And this cannot be done only by the General Secretariat of the Synod and the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia who have organized this meeting.

Therefore, I ask you today to become missionaries of synodality with your brother parish priests, once you return home: inspiring reflection on the renewal of the ministry of the parish priest in a synodal and missionary light, promoting moments of conversation in the Spirit among parish priests, in person or online, making the most of the opportunity of meetings that are already organized, or organizing one for the purpose. And then, I ask you to inform the Secretariat of the Synod of the fruits of these meetings, following the directions that will be given to you. As you return home, speak about this idea with your bishops and with the episcopal Conferences, and tell them too that it is a task given to you by the Pope.

For my part, I have written a letter to all parish priests throughout the world to inform them of this initiative, and to present you as missionaries of synodality among them. Now I will sign it, and then a copy will be consigned to each one of you, so that you can distribute it once you return home.

Thank you for your collaboration. I will accompany you with my prayer, and you too, please do not forget to pray for me.