That Elephant on the Run for Freedom

 Quella elefantessa  in fuga per la libertà    DCM-005
04 May 2024

Josepha’s life has also inspired the children’s book “La Canzone di Josepha” [The Song of Josepha], written by Lolita Bosch and illustrated by Chantal Vizcaino, published in Italian by All Around.

Bosch, a Catalan writer, tells the story of an elephant fleeing from Cameroon, a wild paradise where animals live freely, but from which one flees seeking freedom. The journey for survival, however, can be deadly. The book is part of the collection “Stories Adrift,” conceived by Ángeles Schjaer, pedagogical coordinator of Open Arms, to share the experiences of those who have crossed the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean and encountered the ship of the Catalan NGO.