Pope Francis grants interview to Argentinian news outlet Télam

Universal security is impossible without dialogue

 Universal security is impossible without dialogue  ING-042
20 October 2023
“Exploitation is one of the causes of war. Another cause is geopolitical: territory control”, affirmed Pope Francis in an interview he granted to Argentinian news agency Télam — before Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel. The Pope touched on a wide range of topics, including crises and false messiahs, work, artificial intelligence, the synod and hope. “I like the word ‘crisis’ because it contains inner movement. Yet, the only way out from a crisis is upward, there is no easy way out. The way out is upward and never on our own. Those who intend to emerge alone from a crisis, turn the way out into a labyrinth that goes round and round”, the Pope said. He stressed the importance of teaching young people to solve crises, because this helps them mature, and he warned against false messiahs. “None of them can promise a solution to ...

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