A programme to recycle capsules

Not just a cup of coffee

 Not just a cup of coffee  ING-029
21 July 2023
“Da chicco a chicco” (From coffee bean to coffee bean) was born 12 years ago in Lombardy out of an idea from the Nespresso group, and after a few years of experimentation, in collaboration with Banco Alimentare (Italy’s food bank), it gradually grew, expanding into other Italian regions: Lazio in 2020, Piedmont in 2022 and Apulia in 2023, explains Giovanni Bruno, the President of the Banco Alimentare Foundation. Within the framework of a circular economy, the material used for the capsules is recovered: the used coffee is composted and used as fertiliser for rice fields, and the aluminium follows another process”. In adhering regions, citizens can leave used capsules at various collection points, including Nespresso boutiques and in bins that are located at waste collection centres partnered with the initiative. The capsules are then ...

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