Bishop Paul Hinder remembers four Missionaries of Charity killed in Yemen in 2016

The depths of Jesus’ love

 The depths of Jesus’ love  ING-028
14 July 2023
In an interview with Vatican News — Vatican Radio, Bishop Paul Hinder, Emeritus Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia, who led the Church in the region at the time, remembered the four martyred Missionary Sisters of Charity who in March 2016 were murdered when gunmen stormed a Catholic retirement home run by Mother Teresa’s nuns in Yemen’s port city of Aden. Bishop Hinder maintains that their martyrdom has left a profound legacy of witnessing love for Christ and others until the very end. He shares how the vicariate instituted a memorial day (30 June) for modern martyrs, including the martyred sisters, in order to never forget that still today, we have “witnesses for Jesus Christ and the faith in Him, and even people who are ready to pay with their lives.” In the interview, the Swiss-born Bishop, whose territory encompassed Yemen for his ...

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